Lionel Messi Got A Brand New Tattoo… And It Definitely Is Something.

It’s difficult not to get distracted by Lionel Messi’s mesmerizing footballing abilities while trying to make out the contents of his tattoos.


The 29-year-old Argentine is arguably the greatest player ever to grace the football pitch, but we couldn’t help but notice a subtle shift in his appearance. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it. And no, it wasn’t his blonde hair. That’s when we noticed his new tattoo. His ink, which is quite noticeable, is the latest shift in appearance – part of a long transition dating back to his first years at Barcelona. Here’s Messi’s slow transition from the skilled boy-next-door to the mature footballer he’s known as today:

The Quiet One

Plain long hair, no tattoos, nothing outlandish. This is Messi in 2007 – his breakthrough year at FC Barcelona.

Mama Messi


The Argentine’s first ever tattoo. Messi won his very first Ballon d’Or in 2011 and the same year he decided to pay tribute to the woman that raised him.

The New Messi


In 2012 Messi celebrated the birth of his son, Thiago, and decided to commemorate the occasion by inking his son’s handprints and his name.

When it Became a Habit


Oddly enough, his love for tattoos grew exponentially when Neymar arrived at the Catalan Club. This is the year he expanded on his son’s tattoo, turning the small tattoo into a full leg sleeve.

The Arms

Balance is everything. In addition to inking his leg, he added a sleeve tat on his right appendage – his third.

For some strange reason, he seems to favor his left leg. Unfortunately, La Liga defenders know this all too well. And he’s made sure that magic wand of a leg looks the part as well. It’s the source of his talent, his weapon and his weakness.

Here’s the latest tweak up close: