Yes, Someone Just Threw An Intimate Toy Onto The Field As Patriots Ran For Touchdown

Buffalo Bills fans, or #BillsMafia, as they like to call themselves are not very subtle. They’ve been known to get a bit rowdy during games, and Sunday was no different.


During Sunday’s match between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills, someone decided to throw a sex toy on the field. The man that threw the sex toy was later identified as Twitter user @hub_nation. Fearing that things might get out of hand, Buffalo Bills took to Twitter to remind fans of their code of conduct inside the stadium.

“Any irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated in the stadium parking lots or in the stadium, and in some cases, may result in ejection from the game, revocation of season ticket privileges and/or arrest. Any ejected fans are banned from the stadium and all other NFL stadiums until they successfully complete the NFL Fan Code of Conduct online class.”

The who threw the sex toy became sort of an internet celebrity; he even did an interview with Andy Ruther and Joe Praino of the Dirty Sports podcast. Oddly enough, the fan explained that the whole thing came to be after he and his girlfriend went to a Halloween party.

The sex toy was part of their costume, and after accidentally leaving it at a friend’s house, he decided to do something else with it. He wrote “Tom Brady’s dildo” on the sex toy and decided to take it to the game, wait for the perfect moment, and toss it on the field; just for the fun of it. It remains to be seen whether the fan, who identifies himself as Hub, will be reprimanded for his behavior, which seems to go against stadium rules of conduct.