Dana White Promises That Rousey Vs. Cyborg Will Happen And It Will Be Epic

UFC president Dana White just reiterated that a fight between Rousey and Cyborg is on the cards, provided Rousey beats Amanda Nunes first.


The former Olympic bronze medalist will have to reclaim her title first before talks about a fight with Cris Cyborg can begin, according to White, who is pretty big on a fight between these two giants. “The reality is this – Cris Cyborg is devastatingly good. She’s been destroying everybody right now, her popularity is actually starting to go (up). She’s getting bigger. Everybody wants it right here, right now. It doesn’t happen that way,” White said in an interview for FOX Sports recently.

“I promise you this, Ronda has to come in and fight Dec. 30. Ronda has to win and the girl that she’s fighting is no pushover. She’s nasty and tough and Ronda’s got a fight on her hands there. She wins that fight, her and Cris Cyborg are eventually going to fight. Ronda wants that fight.” We’ve yet to hear from Rousey, who is currently preparing for her fight against Nunes at UFC 207, but there’s no evidence that she’s hesitant to fight Cyborg.

White claims that should Rousey vs. Cyborg happen, it would most likely be a record-breaking UFC event. “It will be the biggest pay-per-view in UFC history,” White said. The fight will also be the Brazilian fighter’s biggest payday of her career, which is something White touched on in his interview. No wonder why Cyborg is so keen to fight Rousey.

“That’s the money fight. This is what Conor called ‘red panty night.’ When you get the fights with Conor and Ronda, you break out the red panties, honey. It’s a big fight,” White said.

There’s still some uncertainty on whether the fight is going to happen or not and White says that Rousey has to first beat Nunes before even thinking about taking on Cyborg. Reclaiming the title would be the first step in completing one of the biggest comebacks the UFC has ever seen. “I don’t know, we’ll see what happens,” White said. “This thing’s gotta play out first and we’ll see what happens.”