Cristiano Ronaldo Loses His Cool After Being Nutmegged In Training And It’s Nasty.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not known for being thick-skinned. The superstar’s had his fair share of emotional outbursts on the pitch that have prompted people to dub him ‘The biggest crybaby in the history of the sport’.


This latest one isn’t any different, really. The Portuguese international lost his cool during Real Madrid’s training session after his teammate, Danilo, had the audacity to nutmeg him during what was a routine passing exercise. It’s safe to say that Ronaldo did not enjoy the experience.

He seemed agitated by Danilo’s cheeky attempt even going so far as to kick the ball out of play. He then turned to the bewildered onlookers who seemed just a bit too pleased to see him lose his wits, saying, “Now you have something to put later, eh? Cristiano is angry. Now you have material for two days!”

Ironically, it isn’t the actual nutmeg that everyone’s talking about, but rather his hilarious reaction to it. Danilo signed on for Real Madrid in 2015 and he probably wasn’t familiar with the ins and outs of a Real Madrid training session. The poor guy should’ve known that no one nutmegs Ronaldo. No one! Next time, he’s going to think twice before doing so.

Check out the video of what went down during the training session below: