19 NBA Players Who Lost Everything

Sometimes, athletes forget that they can’t stay athletes forever. Or sometimes star players can’t stay star players. Or players who were once at the top of their game can’t stay there forever.

While the success, fame, and fortune are the things that come with being someone in the NBA, another aspect of their lives end up falling spectacularly into pieces.

Be it financial troubles, disputes with the law, or just having a poor performance resulting in broken expectations, these players, former and current, manage to lose everything they’ve got.

1. Antoine Walker

1. antoine walker

His story of how he lost everything has been widely publicized. He was at the top of his game during his days in the NBA, becoming a three-time All Star, and a champion at one point, his career was going nowhere but up. However, he ended up taking a downward spiral to bankruptcy, due to bad investments in real estate, as well as giving his family and friends some expensive gifts, thus losing $110 million. Apart from financial struggles, he’s also gotten himself into trouble with the law, getting arrested for a DUI, robbing at gunpoint, writing bad checks and debts from gambling until he ultimately had to file for bankruptcy. Through all that, he then started to turn his life around, teaching kids how to become more financially responsible, and to make better spending choices so they don’t make the mistakes he made in his career.